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Mount Vernon Township High School

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MVTHS_District #201 -- Teacher Evaluation and Student Growth Plan

Appendix 01_Assurance Statement Documenting Teacher Involvement

Appendix 02_Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching

Appendix 03_Timeline

Appendix 04_Assessment Approval Checklist

Appendix 05_Assessment Timeline 

Appendix 06_Professional Assistance Plan 

Appendix 07_Job Descriptions

Appendix 08_Observation Step By Step Guidance

Appendix 09_What Teachers Need To Know

Appendix 10_What Administrators Need To Know 

Appendix 11_Informal Observation Form

Appendix 12_Observation Report

Appendix 13_Sample Observation Form

Appendix 14_Framework For Teachers

Appendix 15_Teachers Checklist

Appendix 16_Pre-Observation Questions (Teachers) 

Appendix 17_Sample Pre-Observation Questions (Teachers)

Appendix 18_Post Observation Questions (Teachers)

Appendix 19_Sample Post Observation Questions (Teachers)

Appendix 20_Summative Rating Teacher Evaluations

Appendix 21_Framework For Guidance Counselors

Appendix 22_Guidance Counselors Checklist

Appendix 23_Pre-Observation Questions (Guidance Counselors)

Appendix 24_Post Observation Questions (Guidance Counselors)

Appendix 25_Summative Evaluation (Guidance Counselors)

Appendix 26_Framework For Nurse 

Appendix 27_Nurse Checklist

Appendix 28_Pre-Observation Questions (Nurse)

Appendix 29_Post Observation Questions (Nurse)

Appendix 30_Summative Rating Evaluation (Nurse)

Appendix 31_Framework For Special Education Coordinator

Appendix 32_Special Education Coordinator Checklist

Appendix 33_Pre-Observation Questions (Special Education Coordinator)

Appendix 34_Post Observation Questions (Special Education Coordinator)

Appendix 35_Summative Rating (Special Education Coordinator)

Appendix 36_Framework For Library Media Specialist

Appendix 37_Media Specialist Checklist

Appendix 38_Pre-Observation Questions (Media Specialist)

Appendix 39_Post Observation Questions (Media Specialist)

Appendix 40_Summative Rating (Library Media Specialist)

Appendix 41_Framework For Social Worker

Appendix 42_Social Worker Checklist

Appendix 43_Pre-Observation Questions (Social Worker)

Appendix 44_Post Observation Questions (Social Worker)

Appendix 45_Summative Rating (Social Worker)

Appendix 46_Framework For Dean Of Students

Appendix 47_Dean Of Students Checklist

Appendix 48_Pre-Observation Questions (Dean of Students)

Appendix 49_Post Observation Questions (Dean of Students)

Appendix 50_Summative Rating (Dean of Students)

Appendix 51_Framework For ISS Teacher

Appendix 52_ISS Teacher Checklist

Appendix 53_Pre-Observation Questions (ISS Teacher)

Appendix 54_Post Observation Questions (ISS Teacher)

Appendix 56_Data Collection Spreadsheet

Appendix 56_Data Collection Spreadsheet (Excel)

Appendix 57_List Of Artifacts

Appendix 58_Demonstration of Components

Appendix 59_Assessment Rigor Analysis Depth of Knowledge

Appendix 60_Charlotte Danielson Non Observable Evidence

Appendix 61_Charlotte Danielson With Critical Attributes