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Mount Vernon Township High School



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Mt. Vernon Township High School's Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff, and student body are proud of our fine facilities, programs and educational offerings. We look forward to showcasing our school to the community, parents, friends, and guests.

School personnel will be more than happy to conduct tours of the facilities and programs for potential students and their parents, answering any questions about the District, school, or educational programs.

Parent/guardian(s) are welcome and encouraged to visit Mt. Vernon Township High School at all times. Parent/guardian(s) may register in either the Principal's, District, Attendance, or CTE Office. Parent/guardian(s) desiring conferences with administrators, faculty, or staff members are encouraged to pre-arrange a meeting by telephone so that notification can be given.

Other visitors (salesmen, alumni, social agencies, law enforcement officers, college students, etc.) are required to sign in and out in one of the following offices: Principal's, Main, Attendance, or CTE. All are encouraged to talk to teachers during their preparation period only.

We are pleased that you want to bring your friends to Mt. Vernon Township High School. Students who wish to bring guests to school must secure approval through the Attendance Office at least 24 hours prior to the day of the visit. Please use the following guidelines in planning for your guest's and teacher's convenience. Student visitors will not be admitted to class without a Student Visitor's Badge from the Attendance Office.

The sponsoring student must secure an application form from the Attendance Office. This form must be completed and returned at least two days prior to the proposed visit. Approval will be granted or denied by Mr. Schumacher within 24 hours of receiving the completed application form.

Host students will be notified of the approval and will be required to accompany their guest to the Attendance Office on the day of the visit in order to obtain a student visitor badge. Student visitors are limited to a one-day visit per semester.

A guest is required to present the pass to each teacher at the beginning of the class period. Each teacher has the option to deny the guest permission to remain in the class, in which case the student visitor must report to the Attendance Office and remain there for the remainder of the hour.


No visitor permits shall be issued during the first two (2) weeks and last two (2) weeks of a semester.

All visitors are reminded that school policy, along with State law, requires they report to one of the following offices: Main, District, Attendance, or CTE, to register when arriving on campus. We recognize that bringing additional people into classes on a regular basis has the potential to disrupt the learning environment.

For this reason and in the interest of security and safety, all visitors to our campus must sign in and out, obtain a "Visitor Badge" and visibly wear the badge at all times while on campus.

Guests of the school are expected to conform to all school rules and regulations, and behave in such a manner as to not impede or disrupt the educational process. All school employees are authorized to request to see visitor passes and ask visitors to report to the Attendance Office if their presence is in question.

The administration of Mount Vernon Township High School will have final approval for all visitor passes. The administration reserves the right to deny an individual's request to visit at any time during the school year. Persons who fail to obtain a badge, or who refuse to leave the campus when directed to do so, may be arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.