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Mount Vernon Township High School



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Digital Archives -- Yearbook added: "2016" (Volume: 91)

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Mt. Vernon Township High School
Digital Archives Group

Yearbook Digitization Project
Vernois 2016  -- Volume 91 "Added"  

From the Digital Archives…

Discover the History of Mt. Vernon Township High School through digital preservation:  The Mt. Vernon Township High School Yearbook Collection is now available online.

In October 2014, the Mt. Vernon Township High School Digital Archives group initiated an effort to share some wonderful artifacts, memories, etc. it holds within its archives. The district’s Digital Archives group began to work on creating an environment where the community could access information about Mt. Vernon Township High School’s prolific past online.

The goal of the Mt. Vernon Township High School Digital Archives Group is to collect, grow and sustain a space where the history of the school and its community can be preserved and readily accessed digitally.

The strength of an institution’s present is only as strong as its awareness of its past. For some, the archives hold memories of a bygone time, for others, it is a resource that provides information for historical research, but for all, it is a place where one can learn all about Mt. Vernon Township High School.

The process of digitization not only preserves the material, but it also allows access to all, in a quick and effortless manner. Through the www. mvths.org portal, anyone can see the materials in just a few clicks.

Yearbook Digitization Project

At present the Mt. Vernon Township High School Digital Yearbook Collection consists of yearbooks from Mt. Vernon Township High School in Mt. Vernon, Illinois from the years 1908 to 2016.  

Through the use of new imaging equipment acquired in recent years measures have been taken to ensure all past editions of the Vernois yearbooks will be protected from physical damage and aging for as long possible, and that efforts can now be undertaken to create a permanent record of these chapters into Mt. Vernon Township High School’s past through the painstaking scanning and rendering of each page of each yearbook in a format (pdf|300 dpi) that will maximize its accessibility online to individuals who would like to view these yearbooks from the comfort of their homes.


Below is the link to the copies of the Vernois Yearbooks currently available online.  




The Digital Archives group has been successful in locating all ninety (90) volumes of the Vernois and have moved them all volumes to a digital format and posting on www.mvths.org.

During our quest we learned (from John Howard) that the Vernois yearbook was only printed on even years from 1909 to 1947 --with one exception - in 1913 a yearbook was published
We now know there are no yearbooks for the following years.
1919|1917|1915| 1911|1909|1907|1906|1905


· We do need:  1926|1924 -- the digital copies posted are missing pages

· As visitors look at through yearbooks posted at www.mvths.org, inevitably they will  notice that some of them are not in perfect  condition.  We received many yearbooks in the collection from the school library, and some were located through other sources. As you will see a number of them had been torn and suffered wear over the years.  If a better yearbook surfaces and is donated, the cleaner copy will be scanned and posted. Our goal is to make the collection the best it can possibly be.

This project…
The original facilitators of this project (Ms. Hannah Wright (Sr.)|Mr. Knutson)  set out to locate, scan and post only 1970 to Present. Then we got sucked into the 1960’s… then the 50’s – and you know the rest of the story. Now it is hard to believe we have over 90 volumes. 

Why is this project so important?
We knew pushing further into endeavor that it is possible do to age/fires/water damage/a limited number of yearbooks published in the earlier years that some volumes may be lost to time. We hoped that we did not wait too late to initiate this project and as a result be unable accomplish a truly complete collection.  Good news – we didn’t wait too long!

A true honor…
During this project members of the Digital Archive group have had the honor of wading carefully through your history -- yearbooks page by page the faces, names, accomplishments, clubs, scores, pictures, etc. have been unbelievable. I have personally seen yearbooks turn some of the more senior among us into truly “giddy high school boys and girls” with the simple turn of pages. The transformation is truly amazing. This experience has truly been an honor and a privilege.


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