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Mount Vernon Township High School



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Printing/Copier Solutions

Mt. Vernon Township High School provides copy and duplication services to complement the education of students and to support the needs of staff and administration. These services consist of a full service district Copy Center, building level copy machines, and classroom laser and inkjet printers. Color services are available through the Copy Center. These services are monitored by an accounting system (Paper Cut) that provides security and accountability for the district copy needs.


Sharp Walk-up Copiers

Sharp walk-up copiers are positioned on campus so that one is near all teachers and are intended to be used for instructional purposes by all members of the school community to benefit student instruction. Each of these copiers provides the ability to copy in light/medium volume, scan, sort, enlarge/reduce documents, etc.

Students should not be sent to any Sharp walk-up copiers on campus to make copies for teachers. Teachers are responsible for making their own copies and should not share their network username/password with a student at any time. Doing this places students in a position of picking up/seeing another instructor’s quiz/test, etc.

The most cost effective use of the paper is to utilize both sides of the paper whenever possible. All copiers have been set to do this by default. In an effort to reduce our paper use, we plan to employ copying in a 2:1 ratio format. This results in using half the amount of paper on a full sized order. So in keeping with the district's desire to be as environmentally sound and beneficial as possible - a.k.a. "Green," please duplex!  Duplexing also saves money and trees.

A quality original will provide a quality copy. Torn workbook pages, poorly centered originals, and orders with various sizes of pages cause problems in the copying process.

In labs where copiers are used as a primary printer, students are permitted to print to and retrieve documents using their own username/password.


Repairs (Jams)

Can be reported by phone (1812), email (gwilliamson@mvths.org), or entering a QNS ticket via desktop. If a copier jams, DO NOT keep pushing the start button. If you are able to remove the jam yourself, put the pieces of paper together like a puzzle to be sure you have all of the torn pieces out of the machine. If you are unable to find all the pieces, or the jam, please contact:  Mrs. Williamson by phone (1812), email (gwilliamson@mvths.org) or completing a QNS ticket via desktop.



Toner/ink for all Sharp copiers, laser printers and inkjet printers on campus is supplied by the Technology Services Department. Contact Mrs. Williamson by phone (1812), email (gwilliamson@mvths.org) or complete a QNS ticket via the desktop icon and we will bring a new cartridge for your machine.


General guidelines:

Each faculty member has immediate access to a local laser printer or color inkjet printer. These units will allow for quick, low volume local printing.


Due to the high cost per copy for these printers, the maximum number of impressions for these printers should be 1–10 pages or single copies. Any job/document over 10 total pages should be sent to the nearest Sharp walk-up copier.



It can cost as much as five times more to produce copies on a local laser or color inkjet printer than it would to print the same job on a Sharp walk-up copier. This is why when you produce a large document on your computer or request multiple copies of a document and send it to local laser or inkjet printer, you will be prompted/directed to the nearest Sharp walk-up copier. By doing this, the print job will be completed much faster and at a reduced cost. When it is necessary for you to complete larger copy jobs that will tie up a walk-up copier for an inordinate amount of time, jobs requiring color paper, special paper, heavier card stock, you may want to consider sending the job through the network or by email to the Copy Center.

Faculty and staff are able to send jobs/documents created on a computer directly to any/all Sharp copiers on campus including those in the Copy Center. Jobs sent from a local computer to a walk-up Sharp will automatically authenticate and print. All the user will have to do is enter a username and password when they log on to a desktop. Each of these copiers is capable of addressing most routine documents/jobs teachers are going to have.

Students are able to send jobs/documents created on a computer directly to any/all Sharp copiers located in a room where they serve as the printer. Jobs sent from a local computer to a walk-up Sharp will automatically authenticate and print. After a student has logged into a computer using his/her assigned username/password, all they will have to do is send the job and it will print.