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7th Annual Blackout Game

The 7th Annual Blackout Game has been declared against the Centralia Orphans on February 19th.  As many events this year, this is the last home basketball game being held in Changnon gym.  FBLA tapped the talent of Blaine Murphy, our very own Diane Murphy's oldest son, to create the design for this year's shirt. He described his design as "the filament in the lightbulb that's in the shape of a Ram is still glowing, representing Changnon, that will be still in memory with us... a legend." Below, you will find an order form.  Preorders are being taken until next Thursday, February 11th.  . . . read more

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PBIS Winners | 2/5/16

Below are the PBIS winners for 2/5/16: Sean Whitlock is a freshmen this year at MVTHS.  Mr. Goodisky reported that Sean "is a very hard worker and is committed to his studies in my class."  Mr. Seaton added "It's pretty simple for Sean. He's quiet, respectful, and a hard worker." Anandeh Cain is a freshmen this year and is an active member of AASU and the Girl's Track Team.  Mr. Goodisky and Mr. Seaton stated " Anandeh has a great personality and I enjoy having her . . . read more

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MVTHS Offers Free Books to the Public

Mt. Vernon Township High School’s Library, in preparation for the move to the new campus this summer, is offering a unique and exciting opportunity to the public to choose free books for themselves from those books which have been removed from the collection. The library personnel have removed several books from their shelves due to age, non-circulation, and title duplication.  These removed books are available at no charge. Local and Illinois history, current and popular books, and classics will be kept in the . . . read more


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