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Mount Vernon Township High School

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Entering a new school and school year frequently prompts many questions. Discovering where to find the answers can be an overwhelming task. Please feel free to contact the appropriate person listed below if you have a question about the programs, policies or services of District #201. If you are not certain who to contact, the main office at 246-1750 will be happy to assist you. Mt. Vernon Township High School is open between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The entire faculty and staff at Mt. Vernon Township High School is willing to offer assistance to any student.

Absences Attendance Office 246-1722
Academic Problems Guidance Office 246-1710
Accident Report Nurse’s Office 246-1830
Activity Calendar Main Office 246-1750
Athletic Eligibility Athletic Office 246-1880
Attendance Problems Attendance Office 246-1722
Bus Information and Problems Attendance Office 246-1722
Change of Address Main Office 246-1750
Club Information Counselor 246-1730
College Information Guidance Office 246-1730
COOP/Work Program Area Vocational Office 246-1800
Discipline Problems Attendance Office 246-1722
Discipline Referral Attendance Office 246-1722
Driver Education Driver Education 246-2735
Drug/Alcohol Problems Teen Assistance Coordinator 246-1730
Home Instruction 3+ days Nurse's Office 246-1830
Home Bound 10+ days Nurse's Office 246-1830
Illness / Medical Problems Nurse's Office 246-1830
Locker Problems Main Office 246-1750
Lost and Found Attendance Office 246-1722
Lunch Assistance Cafeteria Manager 246-5104
Off-Campus Pass Attendance Office 246-1722
Parking Permits Attendance Office 246-1722
Paying for Lost Books Bookroom 246-1751
Peer Mediation Counselor 246-1730
Peer Tutoring Guidance Office 246-1730
Physicals/Medicals Nurse's Office 246-1830
Problems with School Fees Bursar 246-1751
Refunds on School Fees Bursar 246-1751
Saturday School Attendance Office 246-1722
Scholarship Information Guidance Office 246-1730
Special Services Special Education Office 246-2100
Sports Information Athletic Office 246-1880
Student Government Guidance Office 246-1730
Student Identification Card Attendance Office 246-1722
Student Progress Check -- Overall Counselor 246-1730
Student Scheduling Counselor 246-1730
Student Visitor's Pass Attendance Office 246-1722
Tardiness -- Excessive Classroom Teacher  
Transcripts for Current Students Counselor 246-1730
Transcripts for Former Students Main Office 246-1750
Transfer to Another School Main Office 246-1750
Truancy -- Incidents Attendance Office 246-1722
Truancy - - Chronic Attendance Office 246-1722
Visitor's Pass Attendance Office 246-1722
Withdrawal from MVTHS Attendance Office 246-1722