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Mount Vernon Township High School

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Teacher Evaluation Resources

MVTHS_District #201 -- Teacher Evaluation and Student Growth Plan

Appendix 01_Assurance Statement Documenting Teacher Involvement

Appendix 02_Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching

Appendix 03_Timeline

Appendix 04_Assessment Approval Checklist

Appendix 05_Assessment Timeline 

Appendix 06_Professional Assistance Plan 

Appendix 07_Job Descriptions

Appendix 08_Observation Step By Step Guidance

Appendix 09_What Teachers Need To Know

Appendix 10_What Administrators Need To Know 

Appendix 11_Informal Observation Form

Appendix 12_Observation Report

Appendix 13_Sample Observation Form

Appendix 14_Framework For Teachers

Appendix 15_Teachers Checklist

Appendix 16_Pre-Observation Questions (Teachers) 

Appendix 17_Sample Pre-Observation Questions (Teachers)

Appendix 18_Post Observation Questions (Teachers)

Appendix 19_Sample Post Observation Questions (Teachers)

Appendix 20_Summative Rating Teacher Evaluations

Appendix 21_Framework For Guidance Counselors

Appendix 22_Guidance Counselors Checklist

Appendix 23_Pre-Observation Questions (Guidance Counselors)

Appendix 24_Post Observation Questions (Guidance Counselors)

Appendix 25_Summative Evaluation (Guidance Counselors)

Appendix 26_Framework For Nurse 

Appendix 27_Nurse Checklist

Appendix 28_Pre-Observation Questions (Nurse)

Appendix 29_Post Observation Questions (Nurse)

Appendix 30_Summative Rating Evaluation (Nurse)

Appendix 31_Framework For Special Education Coordinator

Appendix 32_Special Education Coordinator Checklist

Appendix 33_Pre-Observation Questions (Special Education Coordinator)

Appendix 34_Post Observation Questions (Special Education Coordinator)

Appendix 35_Summative Rating (Special Education Coordinator)

Appendix 36_Framework For Library Media Specialist

Appendix 37_Media Specialist Checklist

Appendix 38_Pre-Observation Questions (Media Specialist)

Appendix 39_Post Observation Questions (Media Specialist)

Appendix 40_Summative Rating (Library Media Specialist)

Appendix 41_Framework For Social Worker

Appendix 42_Social Worker Checklist

Appendix 43_Pre-Observation Questions (Social Worker)

Appendix 44_Post Observation Questions (Social Worker)

Appendix 45_Summative Rating (Social Worker)

Appendix 46_Framework For Dean Of Students

Appendix 47_Dean Of Students Checklist

Appendix 48_Pre-Observation Questions (Dean of Students)

Appendix 49_Post Observation Questions (Dean of Students)

Appendix 50_Summative Rating (Dean of Students)

Appendix 51_Framework For ISS Teacher

Appendix 52_ISS Teacher Checklist

Appendix 53_Pre-Observation Questions (ISS Teacher)

Appendix 54_Post Observation Questions (ISS Teacher)

Appendix 56_Data Collection Spreadsheet

Appendix 56_Data Collection Spreadsheet (Excel)

Appendix 57_List Of Artifacts

Appendix 58_Demonstration of Components

Appendix 59_Assessment Rigor Analysis Depth of Knowledge

Appendix 60_Charlotte Danielson Non Observable Evidence

Appendix 61_Charlotte Danielson With Critical Attributes

Appendix 62 Framework for ITS Teacher

Appendix 63 Checklist for ITS Teacher

Appendix 64 Pre Observation Questions for ITS Teacher

Appendix 65 Post Observation Questions ITS Teacher

Appendix 66 Summative Rating ITS Teacher Evaluations