Nurse's Office

2022 - 2023 SCHOOL YEAR

Health & Medical Information Requirements

The required and optional health and medical forms are provided below for your convenience, along with important information that you must read.

Letter from the Nurse - Authorization to Administer Medication (must read)

Physical Exam Form*

Dental Exam Form*

Emergency Form*

Medicaid Access Letter

Registration Requirements

Medical Forms

*These paper forms may be returned at the on-site registration or may be turned in to the Nurse's Office the first week of school.

Optional Accident Insurance Program

We know health insurance and coverage for accidents is difficult. MVTHS carries insurance to help with this, but the family's insurance plans come into play first. There is another statewide, K-12 program that can help, and we wanted you to have access to information about it.

Click below for more information.

K-12 Accident Plan

24-Hour Accident Coverage Extension.