Student Parking Information

This information is an excerpt from the MVTHS Student Handbook.


Parking facilities are available for students who intend to drive to and from school. Parking fees are established by the Board of Education.

The parking fee is $20 for the year. Please make checks payable to Mt. Vernon Township High School.

The school does not accept the responsibility for guaranteeing students a place to park nor does it guarantee the security of personal possessions. Therefore, personal driving is an individual responsibility.

The following rules and regulations are necessary and will be enforced:

1. Observe the traffic laws and ordinances of the state and city.

2. Students are to park in designated student parking lots only (Student Parking is located on the North side of campus by Ambassador Drive). All vehicles must be parked with the front end of the car in first and are to be parked between parking stripes leaving ample room between automobiles to allow a person to exit without difficulty. The parking adjacent to Wells Bypass is reserved for MVTHS Staff.

3. Follow the instructions of the parking lot supervisor.

4. Obtain a student parking permit from the Attendance Office. All student and staff vehicles must be registered.

5. Parking permits must be displayed on the interior of the front windshield. Permit number must be displayed right side up and readable.

6. Students are not to be on the parking lot during assigned class periods.

7. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

8. School officials may investigate vehicles parked on campus in order to provide security and to maintain a proper school environment.

Violations of the above regulations will be referred to the Assistant Principal. Any student found in violation of this policy shall be subject to the Board’s disciplinary penalties for misconduct.