2020-2021 Registration

MVTHS is pleased to announce that registration for the 2020-2021 school year will be completed online through Skyward Family Access. Online registration will take you approximately 10-15 minutes. Online registration will open on Wednesday, July 15th.  Parents/guardians were mailed a registration letter from the Student Services Office on Wednesday, July 15th.  This mailing includes Skyward Login ID & Password information for each parent/guardian to utilize Skyward Family Access.  All Skyward Family Access logins are reset each school year. 

If you do not receive a paper mailing by Friday, July 17th with registration information please contact Christine Thomas at cthomas@mvths.org or call 246-1730.  

Please note you are not required to register in person if you complete online registration at home. Your student will just need to turn in any medical forms on the first day of school.  


Onsite Registration Option

If you prefer to fully (doing the online portion on site) register during the on-site registration days you can do so according to the following schedule:

Location: Main Gym Entrance (north side of building)

Wednesday, July 29th: 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. 

Thursday, July 30th:  12:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. 

Please be advised that all registration will be completed online.  If you attend the on-site registration, you will have access to a computer to complete your online registration.  It is strongly encouraged that you register online at home in order to save you time.  Also, the first hour of registration typically has an overwhelming number of parents/students who arrive to register.  It is recommended that you arrive later to avoid long lines.

If you register online prior to attending the on-site registration, you will be able to join a "fast track" to go directly to a counselor or fee payment, etc., and skip all other areas if needed.


Student Fees

In addition to registering online, you will have the option of paying registration and other fees online via credit or debit card.  This process will also be available during the school year to make food service payments for school breakfasts and lunches.  If you decide not to use the online payment system, you can submit payment for your child on the registration dates of July 29th or 30th. You can see a schedule of fees for the 2020-2021 school year below.

2020-2021 Student Fees


Student Schedules

This year due to COVID-19 guidelines we are limiting the number of people in the building to 50 at a time. To assist with less traffic, we are making student schedules viewable on Skyward on Friday, July 17th.  Please review your schedule with your student and if there are any schedule corrections needed please fill out the Student Correction Request form at https://forms.gle/pW3ASTcbrip6KmnUA. This form will also be emailed out to all parents and students on Friday, July 17th.  The Student Correction Request form should be completed no later than Friday, July 24th. This will give counselors time to review the forms before registration. If your counselor is not able to make the correction you will be notified or contacted for an appointment at registration if necessary. Any needed schedule corrections after July 24th will be made the first week of school.


New Students

If you have a child that is brand new to the district (has never attended a MVTHS feeder school before), your child will not have a record in Skyward, so you will not be able to complete registration online.  Please call or visit the Student Services Office prior to on-site registration (618-246-1730).  We will need to contact the student's previous school for records.  This process can take a few days depending on the availability of personnel at the previous school.


Important Information

In addition to the steps in Skyward Family Access, you must read the following information.  You should read the entirety of this article, as there are important disclosures that you will be required to acknowledge, as well as some documents that you might need to fill out in paper format.

Please read each section carefully and print any necessary forms to be filled out and returned to the appropriate office.


Health & Medical Information

The required and optional health and medical forms are provided below for your convenience, along with important information that you must read.

Letter from the Nurse (must read)
Physical Exam Form*
Dental Exam Form*

Emergency Form* (this is also on Skyward Online Registration; if you filled it out there disregard)
Authorization to Administer Medication*
Medicaid Access Letter

*These paper forms may be returned at the on-site registration or may be turned in to the Nurse's Office the first week of school.


Technology Use Information

The Internet Safety & Acceptable Use Policy provides guidance on appropriate use of school district technology resources and actions to be taken in the event of policy violation.  It also explains the measures the school district has taken to comply with the Federal Children's Internet Protection Act.  Please read the policy carefully because you will be asked whether you grant permission for your student to use district technology resources as a part of the online registration process.

Internet Safety & Acceptable Use Policy



Student Handbook/Policies

The following document is provided so that you can review school policies for students.  The document will be accessible anytime on the school website.  You will be asked to acknowledge that this document has been shared with you during the registration process.

Student Handbook



Title I / Parental Involvement 

The following document is provided so that you can review the responsibilities of the school, the parent and family, and the student.  The document will be accessible anytime on the school website.  You will be asked to acknowledge that this document has been shared with you during the registration process.

Title I/Parental Involvement


Other Notes

Some processes that have previously been handled at registration, will not be handled at registration this year.

1. Student pictures will NOT be taken at registration this year.  A date at the beginning of school will be scheduled for student pictures to be taken at school for the yearbook and any pictures you would like to purchase.  More information and order forms will be distributed at a later date.

2. PE Shirts will be available for purchase at Registration but can also be purchased at the beginning of school through the PE classes.



This concludes the article of required, important information that you must read.


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