From the Principal Art

Call for return to school

Mt. Vernon Township High School will return to session tomorrow January, 4th.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents and students to stay home if you are ill.  If your student comes to the nurse’s office with any Covid like symptoms they will be sent home.  In these uncertain times we are unable to determine the cause of symptoms without testing.  Covid-19 has presented as a wide range of symptoms varying from severe respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, and even as seasonal allergy symptoms.  We continue to follow the guidelines that advise 10 days out of school unless symptoms have improved along with a negative test.  There will be opportunities for students to be tested if you so choose.  Testing will be available between the hours of 1:00 PM and 2:30 PM on school days.  Please call the nurse’s office at 618-246-1832 to set up your test time and receive instructions on where to go.  When you arrive please call the nurse’s office to let us know you are here and have your consent completed.  Consent forms will be available on the Mt. Vernon Township High School website.  Students will be called with their results the day of testing.  We hope that having these set times will assist with getting students testing and getting back to school as soon as possible.