MVTHS RoboRams art

The MVTHS RoboRams Robotics teams hosted their annual MTVRC "Tipping Point" in December.  

Teams from Kentucky and Illinois traveled to MVTHS to compete and try to qualify for the VEX State Championship. 

Head to Head competition happens in two parts. First, in the autonomous portion, robots must perform functions “hands free” - without any driver input, for 15 seconds. After that, the drivers take the controls, moving team robots around obstacles and attempting to capture  goals  and scoring rings and move them  to their team’s  side of the field. That's the easy part. Then they have to protect their captured hoard and balance as much of their prizes, and the robots themselves on raised platforms, all in a matter of a very few nerve-wracking minutes. 

It was a razor close finish.  Tournament champions were not determined until the last seconds of the final round. 

As a result of some amazing preparation and lightning reflexes, MVTHS now has two teams qualified for State: (Team #48870C) Hayden Williamson, Ethan Holder, Alexander Bauer, Shawna Pugh, and (Team #41870B) Weston Riggan, Cassie White, Ryan Bendersky, Wesley Newman.  

More teams will get another chance to qualify for the state meet on February 12th, during an online remote tournament, hosted by Carbondale High School.  

Upgrades and preparations for the Carbondale competition and the state competition began even before the local meet clean up was finished..  One team in particular has begun working on autonomous vision targeting which will allow their robot to grab another goal more easily during the autonomous period. Mr. Foster is confident that our team will be well represented at the State Competition, February 25th in Chicago, Illinois.